Summer Camp DIY

Evča - the production manager

Laura - the flowermaker

TomTom - the one with borrowed clothes
Lůca - the one knitting a frog
(by Lau)


"Easter Bunny is as big as a house! I'm scared!"

 "Teddy.. ready, steady, Teddy, go!"

 "...and I can read as well!"

 "Why don't we just add more purple polka dots?!"

 "If you step on the ladder you go up and if you step on the snake you go down."
"My favourite picture is Donald Duck."

 "I'll make you special hair."

"Girls, put on your wellies!"

"I have eight eggs, how much do you have? Daddy, she has nine...!"



Okor Castle Trip

Following the red trail

Mrs. Eva and her mechanical funfair rifle range from 1875!

managed to capture the castle in a less straightforward way... well, kind of

Kudu anthelopes (in the rain)


Along the Great River

A narrow canyon of Vltava where the river battled through a deep rocky valley and formed rapids called "Svatojánské proudy" (Midsummer or St. John's currents) has witnessed tramping and woodcraft movement since its very beginning. Still, whole generations gather here and enjoy the unique spirit of the place.

More reading on Czech tramping here

In February despite its rather proximity to Prague you would be lucky to meet more than a man or two in an hour.

Since 1940s the area between villages Štechovice and Slapy has been flooded for a river dam. Yet many tramps call this place its former name and the river is known as "The Great River".

Settlements boast a totem or at least a flag pole next to a campfire...

...or a surf!

A memory worth reading

 Found our very little piece of Canada

On the way back

Bonus: Nachmittag mit Hilla und Berndt Becher


Volcanoes, Sausages and Beer

Climbing Lovoš - an extinct volcano (570m)

Volcanologist Laura and geologist Pepa discussing relationships.


Lovoš - lunch at the Schwarzenberg-Hütte

The Boreč hill (448m)

In the afternoon the weather got worse. Our mighty crew marches to explore another very interesting extinct volcano. The hill is said to be somehow hollow, pierced by several vents causing warm air streams in winter and cold streaming in summer. Well, let's see.

More science reading to be found here 

Warm air stream in winter!

Thermal flow confirmed!

Driving home - Raná